MJ-MSS Military Javelin – Military Solo System

The MJ-MSS system is designed for the specialist, qualified in Parachuting, who besides himself, needs to also carry a medium sized Bergen (rucksack), mounted front or rear, and personnel weapons. The  MJ-MSS uses two large ram-air canopies, which are designed to open softly, even at higher altitudes. Have a long range glide capacity,

( 3:1  ratio depending on the model of canopy ) and easy, docile landing characteristics, that a properly trained novice jumper can learn.


MJ-MIS Military Javelin – Military Instructor System


The MJ-MIS system is designed for the Instructor/Jumpmaster, of the Specialist Parachute jumper. It is lighter weight, and normally,


(but not necessarily) equipped with smaller ram-air parachutes. This allows the Instructor/Jumpmaster to have more freedom of mobility around the aircraft. Allowing him to comfortably direct operations, and carry out the Specialist parachute jumpers equipment checks.


The MJ-MIS system is not designed to carry a Bergen (rucksack), but can be fitted with personal weapons.


Special features of the “Military Javelin” :



The  “MJ”  has the most geometrically advanced, and ergonomically designed harness. The Patented articulated Hip-ring, and doublewide, high-density foam leg pads, bring superior, and unsurpassed comfort to the wearer.  The main lift web is adjustable by a state-of-the-art color-coded setting system. The optional quick release hardware, is a must for rapid equipment removal. Front and rear trim adjusters on the main risers make those long rides from altitude (HALO), Fatigueless.



Main Container

The main riser covers fully enclose the main risers for ultimate safety.  The main container can be operated by ripcord activated spring loaded Pilot-chute, hand deployed Pilot-chute, straight static line, or the innovated, static line double bag system. The main container can also be fitted with an AAD (automatic activation device). The main container is constructed from highly durable 1000 denier nylon cordura.


Reserve Container

The semi-exposed Pilot-chute, enables the fastest activation of any reserve deployment. The Patented “High speed, Low speed” reserve free bag deployment system, is only available on the Sun Path Products Inc, “Military Javelins”. This patented deployment system takes emergency safety to a new level. “Military Javelins” are military Cypres ready, although other forms of AAD can be fitted. The clear plastic window of the reserve pin protector flap, again brings safety into a new level. You can check the reserve pin, and the state of the Cypres, with out ever having to lift the reserve pin protector flap.


Equipment support packages.


The “Equipment Support Packages” are recommended, as spares are never easy to find when you need them.  The Package consists of :

  • Spare reserve free bag and Pilotchute.

  • Spare Reserve Ripcord handle.

  • Spare Reserve static line lanyard.

  • Spare Breakaway handle.

  • 5 spare main closure loop.

  • Stowing bands – 1 pound. 

We also recommend, and offer additional materials for repair, and replacement of components.  Which include:

  • Complete Line sets for main/reserve canopies.

  • Main canopy risers.

  • Main canopy slider.

  • Canopy fabric per yard.

  • Container fabric per yard.

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